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Forum » GTA Modding » Mod Showroom » [BETA|REL|SA] Knight Rider Back To School 1.0 (This Mod Based On Knight Rider 1982 TV Serie)
[BETA|REL|SA] Knight Rider Back To School 1.0
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Knight Rider was a popular US 1980s television show and One of the most enjoyable and
most famous that originally ran from September 26, 1982, to August 8, 1986
It starred David Hasselhoff as Michael Knight a kind of modern-day 'knight' who drove an advanced smart car with artificial intelligence .
This mod which include all the knight rider car who michael was driving it and the most popular car was watching on the film and all the feature of kitt , karr , goliath , characters

you will start from the house with Devon & April and at the garage you will find bonnie & kitt
this video is the start of the mod

※ KITT & KARR Feature :

◈ Skimode Left & Right
◈ Turbo boost
◈ Booster
◈ Silent Mode
◈ Pursuite Mode
◈ Oil Slick
◈ FlameThrower
◈ Fire Extinguisher
◈ Rocket Launcher
◈ grapnel Launcher
◈ Smoke Screen
◈ Laser Launcher
◈ Turn on & off Light
◈ Turn on & off engine
◈ Engine Start up and Close Up Sound
◈ Door Ignition Sound
◈ Follow You
◈ Microjam
◈ Molecular Banded Shell
◈ Traction Spike
◈ Hack Police Frequency
◈ Ttop Animation
◈ Auto cruise
◈ Eject Seat Anuimation
◈ Knight Call Animation
◈ Super Pursuit Mode
◈ Super Pursuit Mode Animation [ KITT Only ]
◈ Convertible Mode Animation [ KITT Only ]
◈ Scanner Animation

※ Goliath Feature :

◈ Molucular Banded Shell
◈ Missile Launcher
◈ Fire Extinguisher
◈ Flamethrower
◈ Call Goliath Center To Give You The Truck

※ Flag Semi Cab Feature :

◈ Rear Semi Ramp Animation
◈ Call The Semi While Your KITT Wrecked
◈ Can You Find The Semi Drive on The City

※ Artificial Ripper :

KITT Will Get You out From The Jail

◈ Las Venturas
◈ Los Santos

Devon Will Get You out From The Jail

◈ San Fiero

KITT Will Pickup You From The Hospital

◈ Las Venturas
◈ San Fiero
◈ Los Santos

※ The nice thing in this mod :

◈ Devon Miles
◈ Michael Knight
◈ Michael Knight T-shirt Pack
◈ Bonnie Barstow
◈ Garth Knight
◈ April Curtis
◈ RC3

※ Credits :

Tobie_________________________Permission To Use He is Knight Rider Cars
Knightprowl___________________Permission To Use He is Flag Semi
Fastman92____________________Stream Memory Fix [ASI Plugin]
smallcombe___________________Michael Knight Animations

Special Thanks To Michael.Knight1 As The Leader of This Mod .
Michael.Knight1's Was The Creator Of Scripts , Modeler , Graphics , Sounds , Textures , etc...

Message To All Peoples

Do you want to help This Team ? We are happy to have you New Idea About Our Mod posted in our Mod Page if you are polite and if you try to be accurate. If you are not sure about any point, please check your grammar book or dictionary before posting– and don't forget to proofread your writing before you post it! Posts are moderated. If your posts are not polite or helpful, the moderators may edit or delete them. If your posts are often rude or if your answers are often incorrect, We may contact you directly.

Must Read :

No Anyone Allowed to stolen or modify any things from this mod ( script , model , texture )
do not use any image from this group


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